Environmental issues explained

Ask Alloporus for clear, concise explanations of environmental issues. The big ones, the smaller ones and some that you didn’t know were there. 

Each issue is explained as it comes, warts and all.

Most of all I want you to think — I know that online is not always where you come to peruse the meaning of life but clear, clean information can be thought provoking.

Here’s a question... 

Does milk come from the fridge?

Yes it does, of course, silly question.

But ultimately milk comes from the sun via the complex goings-on between plants, soil, cows, farmers, retailers and consumers. Getting milk to the fridge is far more complicated than getting milk from it.

This is the essence of all environmental issues. The problem is how we as humans have and will use the environment. 

There is great complexity, many different sets of values and decisions made to sustain the human population. There is no escaping the everyday challenge of supplying food, water, and shelter to over 7 billion people all with a burning desire to improve their lives. 

And it is easy to be pessimistic. It feels like the environment is being squeezed everywhere — altered, exploited and polluted just to keep us all going.

Is this true? Are environmental issues piling up like traffic in the CBD at rush hour? 

Well yes they are.

Ask Alloporus is already a large site just to give a brief page of information on some of the key issues — and it will need to grow just to keep up. 

The idea on Ask Alloporus is not to list the doom and gloom but to provide information that will raise your awarenes — and just being aware goes a long way toward feeling better.

This kind of environmental awareness will not require you to invest in vegan cookbooks and hemp clothing, or even change your lifestyle if you do not want to — but it will make you think.

Read a few pages on this site and you’ll see the media fear-mongering put where it belongs and instead find some hope. There are great challenges ahead of us that we should not ignore but it is human nature to find solutions and there are many among these pages.

Read about the latest environmental issues through these Ask Alloporus portal pages… List of environmental issues | importance of agriculture | world population statistics | environmental sustainability | major environmental issues | biodiversity conservation   ...at the end of these pages are links to more great content

Why Ask Alloporus?

Ask Alloporus came about because so much of what is said and written about major environmental issues ignore, oversimplify or spin the truth.

Whatever you read you can almost smell the agenda — green, brown, pessimist, denier… all the way through to the angry troll. 

This leaves us with little to go on. It is hard to know what to believe or which issue to be concerned about.

What can we really say about

Do the answers from global environmental issues apply if

  • my local stream is polluted,
  • I have a rare bird in my district, or
  • the price of onions is just 50c a kilo?

Ask Alloporus will help explain these complexities without spin or jargon thanks to 3 decades of professional work on major environmental issues.

Whilst these topics contain real challenges, they are not all equal. Some are too big even for humans to resolve, others we can fix if we want to.

And all of them we don’t fully understand.

Ask Alloporus tackles them with clear, concise explanations. We help you put fear mongering aside for fresh, pragmatic helpings of environmental awareness.

Find hope on these pages and expand your environmental mind.

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Milk from the fridge

Milk is terrific. Where would our cornflakes and skinny latte be without it? 

Milk production is now so efficient cows can produce well over 5,000 litres per year, volumes that make milk cheap at the store. In Australia right now milk sells at $1 a litre.

What you might not know is that such productivity comes from intensive farming where cows graze on pastures that must be heavily fertilized to keep the grass growing. 

In Australia some dairy farms have maxed out milk yield by pushing their pastures to the limit with additions of nitrogen fertilisers. Some of this fertilizer might leak into waterways but the real environmental issue will appear when the price of fertilizer doubles. 

Higher input costs and low commodity price will mean it will be much harder to get milk to the fridge.

It is what it is

It is normal for anyone to want to live well and procreate.

It is also quite normal that when these wants are met two big things happen...

  1. we end up with more people [perhaps as many as 12 billion by 2050]
  2. natural resources are used [we mobilise natural capital

Now if I ask you to be mindful and a little frugal for the common good, maybe

  • turn off a light
  • put litter in a bin
  • let the kids walk to school
  • have meat free Mondays
  • pay the premium for renewable power

you will almost certainly nod in agreement — at least to some of the not too green suggestions. 

Yet inside all of us there is “Nick the Nuisance” a reluctant fellow who says “Frugal? You are kidding, no way. I have rights”. 

It takes a brave soul to acknowledge this is how we feel at times. 

Not everyone will admit that at least part of our makeup is selfish, that Nick the Nuisance is in us all.  

Except that being at least a bit self-centered has served us well. Today it keeps us streetwise and helps fuel our ambition, ingenuity, stickability and discipline. More importantly our hunting, gathering and brawling ancestors would not have made it without Nick.

And as Nick would point out, what if we were super frugal, only using the resources we really need? We would still have to have food, water and shelter. 

And here is the core of all environmental issues.

All these more making souls will, whatever way you look at it, put a strain on the environment

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