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Welcome, my name is Mark Dangerfield and I thank you for visiting AskAlloprus.com

When environmental issues have been in your mind for over 30 years, as they have for me, it is sobering and just a little scary. No matter how much work is done to tackle the problems the list of environmental issues grows and wins seem hard to come by.

After a career working on natural resources, biodiversity issues, and carbon projects as a scientist and consultant in Europe, Africa and Australasia, one thing is clear to me — awareness is the key to any of the wins... and is where to find future solutions.

I am so convinced of it that I wrote a book about it.

Missing something is for those who like to read for a while.... or Missing Something on Kindle if you prefer.

When you are time short, Ask Alloporus is a information site designed for that faster, bite-sized route to environmental awareness. 

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What Ask Alloporus explores is that whilst there is no simple solution to anything environmental, there is great strength in awareness — and perhaps more than a little wisdom.

We can resolve many environmental issues if we become aware and understand the connections better. 

Among the many Ask Alloporus pages you will find nuggets of knowledge and understanding distilled from real-world experience that will help you make the right connections in your own mind.

Thinking to help feeling is a great route to awareness.

The explanations of environmental challenges that you can find on these pages and in the Pragmatology ezine will make you think and help you to become more aware.

I hope that the explanations and ideas prompt you to

It would also be great if you liked the ideas enough to 

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Or, now that you are here on Ask Alloporus, why not browse a few pages and pause to think about what it really means to be part of a world that is always changing.

Go well.

quizzical looks from vendors at the entrance to the main market in Mannokwari, the capital of West Papua, Indonesia

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Mark and Kupesa entering environmental data in the Okavango Delta, Botswana

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